It’s New Zealand Safer Boating Week, and each day we’re going to be looking at an aspect of SUP safety. Today – the most important safety item of all for us paddlers: leashes.

The problem with leashes is that there is no one type which is right for all conditions. The wrong type of leash for the conditions can be dangerous – potentially fatal. Every year there are fatalities caused by wearing the wrong type of leash for the conditions. (Although there are far more incidents caused by people not wearing a leash at all, so don’t ever be tempted not to wear one).

So – how much do you really know about leashes? Do you know about the different types, and which you should be using when? Read the full article on our website to ensure you’re fully up to speed on the different sorts.

Please share this message with all your paddling friends. Don’t become a statistic – paddle safe!