NZ Champion Paddler Marcus Hansen (NSP) has been competing on the World SUP Circuit for a couple of years now, and has a number of NZ titles under his belt.  Here’s the first in a series of blog posts from Marcus to help you prepare for Hoe Toa at the end of March.


Consistency is key when it comes to training. Working out how much time you have to train each week and being consistent week to week is the first step towards improving.

Finding a balance between doing enough and not doing too much is important. Once you have found out how much training is good for you, alongside everything else going on in your life, you can start to put a plan together. Your plan should include sessions which prepare you for all the skills required for the race/s you are doing.

For the NZ Champs, which includes a long distance race with a downwind section and a beach race, pretty much all skills are required. Try to focus on one area each training session. For example beach starts could be one session, kick turns could be another session, long distance steady pace sessions, sprint sessions, in and out of surf sessions the list goes on.

The next thing to think about is splitting each session up into intervals. Do a beach start, sprint, come back and have a rest then do it again or for flat water paddling sessions paddle fast for 1min then rest for 30sec and repeat.

Be creative and think up of all sorts of different sessions to keep it fun and changing so you are not stuck doing the same thing each training. This keeps it fresh and exciting and gives each training day a purpose rather than just slogging away for no real reason.

The most important thing is you do it because you enjoy it and it makes you feel good. Get out there and enjoy Mother Nature and train however you wish, but if you want to improve that is how I would do it!


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