Each year there are numerous rescues of stand up paddleboarders around our coast and lakes, and tragically, there have been fatalities too. It nearly always comes down to lack of knowledge. Do you really understand stuff like tides, offshore winds, what sort of leash to wear in which conditions, exactly what to do if your PFD won’t inflate, how to get yourself out of trouble if things go wrong when you’re out there on your SUP? Or indeed, would you know what to do if you came across someone in trouble while you’re out paddleboarding – would you be able to rescue them?

Over the last year NZSUP has developed some essential safety courses to cover these vital areas. The SUP SAFE and SUP RESCUE courses are happening now around New Zealand, just a few hours of learning that could save your – or someone else’s – life. Check out the web pages, and contact your local course presenter to sign up for a course now. You won’t regret it – we guarantee you’ll learn loads. And if there’s no course presenter in your area, let us know! We’ll get it sorted.