This is such an easy thing to do – but it’s so often overlooked.  If you’re going out for a paddle, just let someone onshore know – with a return time. If you do get in to trouble, no-one is going to be looking for you if they don’t even know you’ve gone out onto the water! 

Iphone users are well served for this, with the excellent Paddle Logger app, which allows you to log a trip, and a message will be sent to your designated contact if you don’t close the trip by the required time.   An android version is apparently on the way. The NZ Coastguard app works on all platforms and has an excellent log-a-trip function which does the same job (good NZ forecast and nowcast info on their app too!). 

Even if you’re going out paddling with mates – which is alway safer than paddling alone –  it’s important that someone onshore knows the general plan. 

It’s so easy to do, yet could make all the difference if something goes wrong.