Every year the coastguard carries out many thousands of rescues around New Zealand, at a cost of literally hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours. Thousands of people are rescued – but sadly not everyone gets home safe.  

Don’t be one of those people. Over the last 5 days we’ve worked through the five essential safety rules for sup – the SUP SAFE code. 

  • Always wear the correct type of leash for the conditions
  • Wear a PFD
  • Know the conditions, now and forecast
  • Take 2 waterproof ways to call for help
  • Tell someone onshore your plans

They’re really easy to do, they don’t ruin your freedom, or affect your paddling, but they will prevent you becoming a statistic.  

Don’t become a statistic – paddle safe! For more information on being safe on the water check our safety pages and also saferboating.org.nz