Thank you all for your commitment to staying off the water over the last few weeks, following the government guidelines on prohibiting watersports at Alert Level 4. Hopefully our lockdown has achieved its goals and we are well towards containing (and hopefully eliminating) Covid-19, a project that we are all part of.

And now we have light at the end of the tunnel! The official guidelines for when we move to Level 3 Lockdown next Tuesday make it clear that paddleboarding will be permitted, although still within very specific limitations.

NZSUP has a seat on the national Safer Boating Forum which has been advising the government on water safety policy and how the restrictions should be lifted as the country comes back down through the levels. We are delighted that paddleboarding has been specifically selected as one of the recreational activities that will be permitted in Level 3. We are most certainly not yet ‘back to normal’, but at least we will be able to get onto the water for individual paddling. (Note: No group or school/commercial operator paddling will be permitted until Level 2).

We’ll be posting every day between now and Tuesday, with more information on how you should be paddling in Level 3, and preparing for your paddling, once we are back onto the water.

Level 4 Lockdown has been tough for everyone, but hopefully it has done its job. Please continue to observe the Level 4 requirements until next Tuesday – it is only a few more days to go. If we can prevent a return to Level 4 it will all have been worth it. We hope you’ve managed to stay safe and well, and look forward to seeing everyone back on the water over the coming months.