AGM 2018


The New Zealand Stand Up Paddling Inc (NZSUPAnnual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 22 March, at 7:30pm at Orewa Beach, upstairs in the Orewa Surf Lifesaving Club Patrol room.

NZSUP is a not-for-profit Incorporated Society run by a volunteer committee: the President, Secretary and Treasurer and several others, who are passionate about stand up paddling, both recreational and competitive.

The purposes of the Society are to:
a) promote, organise, administer and represent stand up paddling;
b) facilitate and promote responsible and safe stand up paddling in accordance with industry
best practice;
c) manage, sanction, support, coordinate and conduct national and international stand up
paddling events;
d) develop and oversee training and instruction guidelines, courses and athlete performance
programmes, in liaison with other organisations where appropriate;
e) advance and facilitate representation of New Zealand stand up paddlers at international
f) cooperate and affiliate with other national and international bodies with similar objects;
g) do anything necessary or helpful to the above purposes.

At the AGM the officers and committee are elected for the following year.  NZSUP needs people with a range of skills to get on board, and we encourage members from all around New Zealand to get involved.

If you’d like to nominate anyone to the NZSUP committee, please email it to the NZSUP secretary, before 5 pm on Saturday 17 March.

You can nominate yourself. Please provide some background details about your nominee and a photo if possible.

The Committee comprises Chair/President, Secretary, Treasurer and a minimum of 3 others (maximum 8 Committee Members).

Member’s motion:
If you want to propose a motion for the Annual General Meeting, please give written notice and information in support of the motion to

If the member’s motion is signed by at least 20 members, the information will be circulated to all members before the meeting. If it is signed by fewer than 20, the Committee may decide whether or not the Society will vote on the motion.  (To become a member SIGN UP HERE)
Amending Rules:
If you want to propose to amend or replace the Rules your proposal must be signed by at least 20 members and include written explanation of the reasons for the proposal. The Rules of New Zealand Stand Up Paddling Incorporated can be viewed here and also on the Incorporated Societies website.

View 2018 Draft AGM Agenda

View 2017 AGM Minutes


Published in the Annual Report of Surfing NZ, November 2017

At the time of last years report we noted that Stand Up Paddle boarding as a sport and recreational activity was experiencing unprecedented growth throughout NZ and for that matter the rest of the world. What we have observed one year on, is somewhat of a plateauing off, in both race numbers and retail sales.

The market was definitely affected by the very poor 2016-2017 summer, and oversupply from discount retailers. Nevertheless, sales of beginner/intermediate boards remained healthy, and the SUP schools reported a respectably good season considering the weather. There are now at least 50 commercial SUP operators in NZ with current ISA/SNZ instructors, and the sport also continues to spread into more academic schools in NZ due to increased take-up of the NCEA SUP credits.

The competitive side of the sport remains strong here too, with the 2017 National Championships attracting over 180 competitors.

Additionally, we are seeing solid organic growth in the number and variety of events nationwide. From Facebook groups of ‘coffee paddlers’, to hardcore downwinders who dream of stormy 45 knot Nor-easters, to the great contributors to our communities, like the Paddle For Hope crew.  These various groupings of paddlers are contributing to the eclectic flavour and growth of our sport.

One such group is the French Bay Paddlers. These guys are located in the deep dark crevices of Titirangi in West Auckland, whose back yard is the shark-infested and often treacherous Manukau Harbour.  They have forged a really close-knit, family-orientated group, all centred around the love of the ocean and paddling. They hold club events and Barbees for the local community and others and recently hosted a downwind race for the sole purpose of raising funds for the NZ team to Denmark. Hats off to Mike Pirrit and the FB crew.

The NZSUP board throughout the year has spent a lot of time discussing and debating the ways to best serve the sport. As an emerging sport we find that we are having to be flexible on how to serve the SUP community the best. This often means a change of direction or emphasis. With this in mind the board of NZSUP is working closely with former board member and passionate Stand Up Paddler Trevor Meiklejohn on his PhD research which is exploring governance design options for new and emerging sports. Unlike traditional research this is an ‘Action Research Project’ that is seeking to develop and implement practical sport governance solutions and strategies aimed at advancing and progressing our sport and its stake- holders.

Trevor is currently developing a design framework that will underpin our actions. This framework brings together key design elements of governance structure, processes, stakeholders and the vitally important area of cooperation and we are excited to continue working with Trevor on what could be a landmark project for our sport.

The area of governance design is a highly salient topic for our sport right now. The International Surfing Association (ISA) and the International Canoe Federation (ICF) are currently in battle over the international governing rights for the sport of SUP particularly with potential Olympic Games inclusion looming on the horizon. Further peak governing bodies for sport are well aware that the sporting environment is changing and people are engaging in sport in ways far different from the traditional club structure that underpinned many of our sporting experiences as children. Sport New Zealand (2015) has asserted that sports need to consider new structural forms and ways of governing and NZSUP is at the forefront of this via its research project.

As part of the early stages of this research, NZSUP is currently in the process of better understanding our sport and have engaged in a series of planning workshops to ‘map our sport’ and develop key strategic priorities. Meanwhile Trevor is conducting a number of in depth interviews with key internal and external stakeholders of our sport.

This is a massive undertaking as you would imagine and we are extremely grateful that Trev has chosen SUP as his topic of research.

Finally, I want to acknowledge the outstanding accomplishments of our two top female paddlers. Earlier in the year Penelope Strickland won the Molokai to Oahu channel crossing in a world record time. This is to SUP what Ironman Hawaii is to Triathlon, the ultimate endurance challenge. Then later in the year at the ISA worlds in Denmark Annabel Anderson the number 1 ranked female paddler in the world, smashed her competition in both the distance and technical race. She then went on to win the Pacific Paddle Games in California with equal dominance. These two deserve every accolade we can give them.

Gavin Houghton
NZSUP President


  • In 2018 NZSUP will continue developing a Strategic Plan for the sport moving forward.
  • Working groups will be established to further objectives in specific areas, currently identified as Safety, Community, Education, Events, Communications, High Performance, and Key Stakeholder relationships.
  • Funding is currently being sought to contract and pay for the creation of a part-time paid administrator role and paid management role at NZSUP.


  • In 2017 NZSUP introduced a community membership, in order to grow our reach to more paddlers around NZ.  People are invited to “signup online” to NZSUP, and at the same time answer a few questions about themselves so that NZSUP can have a clearer picture of the people we represent.
  • NZSUP is currently collecting data on the various paddling groups, formal and informal clubs and commercial SUP clubs around NZ, and invites communication from these groups as a way to help support the growth of the sport at a grassroots level.


  • NZSUP continues ongoing dialogue with Maritime NZ, Worksafe NZ, Water Safety NZ, Surfing NZ, ISA, Coastguard Boating Education and local Harbourmasters with regard to legislation on PFDs, leashes, and developing safety management systems and activity safety guidelines for Individual paddlers, Events, Clubs and Schools.
  • One of NZSUP’s Projects in 2018 is to create a safety leaflet that goes out with every SUP board sold.


NZSUP continues to work towards:

  1. Rolling out further SUP training qualifications (surf, race coaching, downwinding etc)
  2. Aligning SUP Instructor qualifications with NZQA
  3. Creation of an NZSUP accreditation scheme for SUP schools


  • Hoe Toa NZ Paddle Championships (formerly NZSUP Nationals) has undergone a rebrand in 2018 to help give our flagship festival event more of a culturally distinct identity as it starts to attract greater visibility on the World stage.  The goal of this event is to bring the NZ paddleboarding community together for a weekend of fun, engaging events for all ages and abilities, as well as being the primary selection event for the SUP Team representing NZ at the ISA Worlds.  The sponsorship and media the event attracts also provides a way to promote the sport to a wider audience in New Zealand, and to deliver any key messaging.  Being recognised as an official Regional Paddle League event will also help to raise the profile of the event.
  • The NZSUP Calendar of Events has been created to provide a central information point for all NZ paddlers looking for local events, and to help organisers to promote their events.  This will continue to be populated with as many local and regional events as possible and promoted to the wider community.
  • NZSUP is working with Surfing NZ towards creating a points/ranking system for a NZ SUP Surf and a SUP Race Series made up of established regional events, and producing guidelines and resources to help clubs or organisations run their own SUP events.

If you think you’d like to contribute to any of these projects, or would like to be involved in the development of the NZSUP Strategic Plan, please come along to the AGM on 22 March.  Consider nominating yourself for the committee, or putting your hand up to be involved in a specific working group.  If something resonates but you’re not sure if you have the time to join the Committee, please drop us an email.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM. 

Members who cannot make it to the AGM can vote by proxy, using the Proxy Form in Appendix A in the 2018 AGM Agenda