NZ Team selected for World Paddleboard Championships

The NZ Team has been selected for the 2017 ISA World StandUp Paddle and Paddleboard Championship (WSUPPC) in Denmark this September.   The event features five disciplines—SUP Surfing, SUP Racing Technical, SUP Racing Sprint, SUP Racing Distance and Paddleboard Racing Technical and Distance. Within the SUP Racing and Paddleboard disciplines, athletes will be competing in up to three (3) events including the Technical and Distance Races and the Paddle Relay. There will be one Gold Medal National Team.

The NZ team consists of the following athletes:

Annabel Anderson  (SUP Racing Distance, SUP Racing Sprint, SUP Racing Technical)

Marcus Hansen  (SUP Racing Distance, SUP Racing Technical)

Penelope Strickland  (SUP Racing Distance, SUP Racing Technical)

Trevor Tunnington (SUP Racing Distance, SUP Racing Sprint, SUP Surfing)

Ollie Houghton (SUP Technical)

Sean Hovell (SUP Surfer)

Stella Smith (SUP Surfer)

Lucy Te Moananui (SUP surfer)

Sam Shergold (Paddleboard distance)

Cory Taylor (Paddleboard Technical)

Jessica Miller (Paddleboard Distance)

Jasmine Smith (Paddleboard Technical)

This is a fabulous team, and we wish them all the best for the event. The cold waters of Denmark will be rather different to the tropical conditions of last year’s event in Fiji, and there will be a much larger contingent from the European nations in attendance. It should be  a great event!




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