One of the more challenging missions for the NZSUP team of late has been the formulation of a Policy for the participation and official placing of Transgenders at the NZSUP Nationals.  The policy has involved extensive consultation with the Cisgender and Transgender SUP community, and particular thanks must go to committee member Jonathan Wood who has devoted a great deal of time to the completion of this project.

NZSUP has developed a broad based Transgender Policy designed to be as inclusive as possible with regard to participation in the sport, while recognising that many people have concerns regarding the possibility of  Transgender Women having a physical advantage over Cisgender Women.  NZSUP’s view is that the sport in New Zealand should be inclusive for  Transgenders but not in a way that may still invite some discriminatory behaviour or harassment. So we have designed a policy that is non-threatening to Cisgenders but also inclusive of Transgenders and giving them the opportunity to race with and match themselves against Cisgenders, and to share the podium with them, and believe this to be the best way forward for our sport.

We also believe this to be the first official policy of its kind in the SUP world – indeed, it has been astonishing to discover how many well-established sports have no policies in this area.

The full policy can be viewed online here.