Fancy Becoming an Instructor? The SurfingNZ/ISA Level One SUP instructor course is an intensive 2 day programme, covering instructional theory, safety and the techniques for teaching SUP at basic and intermediate level. It also includes a Surfing NZ Community Lifesaving course and award, which does require a basic level of fitness (demonstrating the ability to run 200m, swim 200m and run 200m. It’s not timed, though.). A basic level of paddleboarding ability is required – if you’ve been doing it for a while then you should be OK. There is no requirement to demonstrate wave or white water SUP skills.

The course will be taught by a highly experienced official ISA presenter, and the fee includes comprehensive manuals and all SNZ/ISA membership fees. Successful completion of the course equips you with the internationally recognised ISA level 1 SUP instructor qualification, and the nationally-recognised surfingNZ Level 1 qualification valid for 3 years, along with the community lifesaving award. The only other requirement to become a practising instructor is that you have a current first aid certificate.

The course content includes

SUP essentials
equipment for teaching
lesson format
beginner lessons
intermediate lessons
teaching kids
fault analysis and recognition

Safety Essentials
SUP safety
duty of care
Group management
leadership and problem-solving
Risk Analysis
static and dynamic Venue Analysis
emergency planning
towing techniques

Instruction Essentials
The art & science of instruction
Role of the coach
Basics of instructional technique
understanding your students

Practical rescue/safety essentials
Lifeguard theory – recognising problems
dealing with casualties in the water
board rescue techniques
NZSLSA Community Lifeguard certificate.

It’s a pretty intensive few days, and also includes a lot of paddling theory and technique, to ensure that all the candidates have the skills and understanding to be able to analyse faults and individual styles. There is also a lot of teaching practice; everyone gets plenty of hands-on experience at instructing. The course also majors very much on the safety and professional aspects of SUP instruction, and as well as providing a standard instructional model and format to follow The feedback from the courses  run so far has certainly been hugely positive – even from extremely experienced SUPers.

The course is not intended to cover the management side of being an instructor, or how to run a SUP instruction business. However, a separate workshop is available as an addition to the course, which takes another 90 minutes or so to go through, and covers:

Legal requirements, forms and paperwork
Understanding the Adventure Activities Legislation
Options and opportunities for teaching SUP
promotion & marketing

Call Bill Dawes on 027 777 1035 for more information on the course