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Pod Be Free

Freedom to move, to breathe, to be.

One Day SUP, Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat.

Murray’s Bay, Auckland | Sunday 5th November


Let Pod take you on a journey into nature’s classroom.  Feel the sand beneath your toes, and be energised by the ocean as you tune in to, and take charge of, your inner dialogue.


Pod events were started back in 2013 by Natalie Stettler (Yoga Teacher) and Victoria Stuart (PaddleFit Pro Coach) with cancer survivor Karin Horen and friends as a way to celebrate “Pink October” (breast cancer awareness month).  This year we join forces with Corporate Life Coach/SUP Instructor Helen Blair, and Personal Trainer/Wellness Coach Tess Bos, and we invite Thought Leader Kate Billing (Blacksmith) to help you unlock the power of self-talk and begin to turn your Inner Critic into an Inner Coach.


Pod events are all about living a healthy and active lifestyle, bringing women together as a learning community and giving you the tools to become the best version of yourself.


Thanks to our awesome family of sponsors:  Starboard, City SUP, Blacksmith, The Mat, Flexa Clinic, Connect.Living, Coola Suncare, HQH FITNESS, OI, Roya’s Chia Beads


“To me, being free is having a sense of joy and wonder at the present moment. It’s a feeling of being connected, accepted, respected and fulfilled, by where I am and what I’m doing right now. I realise it’s not possible to have that feeling every moment of every day, however I want to encourage and seek that feeling in myself and others. I know that practicing fun, mindfulness, play, as well as being in good company, eating good food, thinking good thoughts and laughing or finding humour in things, all contribute to my vibe. My vision is to create a day that encompasses those ideas of play, fun, joy, mindfulness, and support.” – Natalie Stettler


This exclusive One Day Active Retreat Includes:


  • Morning yoga and SUP Yoga with Natalie Stettler (500 RYT) from The Mat
  • Nutritious breakfast with Thought Leader Kate Billing from Blacksmith, on unlocking and harnessing the power of Self-Talk and turning your inner critic into an inner coach
  • Mindful walking, breathing and functional mobility workshop with Wellness Coach Tess Bos
  • Small group stand up paddling workshops for newbies through to pros with PaddleFitPro Coach Victoria Stuart from Starboard NZ and Helen Blair from CitySUP (quality SUP equipment provided)
  • Massage treatments and time to play (think skateboards, slacklining, e-bikes, SUP polo)
  • Nourishing picnic lunch, drinks & refreshments, music, luxury gift bags and take-home journal


Me, Myself & I – Free to be who? (Workshop with Kate Billing)


“Just be yourself” is pretty common advice these days. But who am I and who are the other voices in my head on a daily basis that encourage or limit my effort to become more myself? In this session Kate will share some practical tools and approaches to help you tune into your self-talk, create a bit of space around your thoughts and begin to turn your Inner Critic into an Inner Coach. Self-talk is part of who we are and how we all experience life. It develops early on in our lives and is linked to the development of both language and parental attachment. It’s a tricky beast that can keep us stuck in old selves and old patterns however it can be a powerful ally in our personal evolution when we learn to work with it. No matter the place of personal stretch in which you find yourself over the course of the Pod Be Free day and beyond, getting present to your self-talk and learning to use it for good are tools for life.


Your Pod Facilitators


PaddleFit Pro (Level 3) SUP Instructor Victoria Stuart (Starboard SUPSNZ) has been paddling since 2008, and enjoys all aspects of SUP: racing, downwinding, surfing, SUP Yoga and Fitness paddling, and adventuring. Her passion is sharing her love and knowledge of SUP with others. She has helped to develop and teach the PaddleOn SUP Rehabilitation program with The PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Trust, and organises SUP events and classes to help inspire and give confidence, especially to women and juniors. Ocean-lover. Mother of three. Dream chaser. Do-er.


Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher, Natalie Stettler (The Mat) is a devoted yogi, adventure loving spirit and proud Mama. She divides, her time between liquid and frozen oceans, and shares her passion for the mountains and the sea with her two daughters. She was raised by a mountain guide father who taught her the value of sitting quietly with her fears and breathing through them, until they passed and she was able to climb the mountain or ski down the hill with a grin on her face and her heart pounding in her chest. When she’s not in the yoga studio teaching or practicing, Nat can be found in the forest on her mountain bike or out for a paddle with Victoria, exploring the native bush on her “me time” or chilling at the beach for some “down time.”


Life Coach and SUP Instructor Helen Blair (CitySUP) discovered stand up paddling and a love of the ocean aged 40. Over a 20 year career in Human Resources as an academic and then with the BBC, Marks & Spencer and Fonterra, coaching leaders and teams became second nature. She then discovered being a SUP coach was an amazing way to help people to balance mind and body on the water. Starting her own business last year, CitySUP now offers a range of stand up paddling experiences in and around Auckland. Helen lives in the Eastern Bays with the Kiwi boy who brought her to New Zealand 10 years ago (and two adorable spaniels). When not walking her dogs or on the water, she’s in the forest improving her mountain biking skills … always something to be learning.


Functional Movement Trainer and Wellness Coach Tess Bos has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years. She is passionate about wellbeing & healthy living and has an all-round knowledge to support you with your wellness. As a Mum of 2 teenagers, she knows how demanding your busy life can be. To support this she teaches functional exercise and offers tools to support you with your posture and overall wellbeing & lifestyle balance. Her focus is on Core strength, Posture, Flexibilty and Corrective exercise. “I love empowering people to get the best out of themselves, and then see the best in themselves. The ripple effect still blows me away and keeps my passion for wellness alive! It is always an honour to be part of a client’s journey to wellbeing, no matter their goals. Tess offers personal training in her studio in Castor Bay and at Flexa Studio in Northcote. She teaches Core and Stretch classes and small group training as well as Rehab Exercise in conjunction with Flexa Physio in Northcote


Thought-leader Kate Billing, Co-Founder of Blacksmith. Kate’s personal purpose is to support the evolution of individuals, teams and organisations into BETTER selves. Along with over 20 years in the people, culture and leadership industry, she’s earned a ‘life university’ PhD in suffering as part of the human condition and developed a deep appreciation for the value and importance of personal growth. It is this magic combination of experiences, her realness and her commitment to a conscious approach to life, leadership and business that makes Kate a leader in the field of personal and organisational evolution. Kate is a Speaker, Author, Facilitator and Mentor as well as the co-founder of Blacksmith which is highly successful in leadership development. This mix provides a huge range of opportunities – from ‘stimulation’ to ‘transformation’ – to share the messages she deeply believes in and has seen make a game changing impact in the lives of individuals, teams and organisations. So “don’t let who you’re being get in the way of who you could become.”


Limited spaces available, register by 5 October to secure Earlybird pricing and be in the draw to one an awesome early incentive prize thanks to our wonderful family of sponsors…



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