Instructor Training Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the L1 and L2 courses at the same time?
Yes, absolutely. However, you have to complete and pass the L1 practical assessment before you can take the L2 assessment. Where possible we will attempt to schedule the assessments for consecutive days, so that you can take L2 the day after completing L1, if you wish.

How long after starting the course can I complete it and be qualified?
The online sessions all need to be completed before the practical session and assessment is taken. As a number of the online sessions are ‘live’ rather than pre-recorded, these will be run according to demand. If enough people are in a hurry to get their qualification ASAP then we can increase the frequency of these modules. Realistically though, one should probably allow at least a month from starting the course to taking the practical assessment.

Can I do multiple modules in the same day?
We won’t ever do more than one ‘live’ module per day, but the pre-recorded ones can be viewed at any time.

Can I do the same module more than once?
Absolutely. Including the live ones, you can repeat them as many times as you like, no extra charge.

I am already a very experienced paddleboarder. Do I need to view all the modules?
You definitely need to attend all the live modules, as this is part of our process of getting to know you and understand your paddling knowledge. The pre-recorded modules are there for your benefit – if you reckon you know everything already then good for you, but it may mean you end up failing the written assessment if your knowledge isn’t quite as comprehensive as you thought it was! Plus which, an important element of the qualifications is about standardisation. The qualification is an indication that you have specific skills and understanding in terms of terminology, correct sequence of doing things, etc etc, and anyone employing you knows what they are getting. So we strongly advise viewing them all.

Will I have to do anything else before the practical session?
Yes. Many of the online modules will include some ‘homework’ or preparation, for you to bring with you to the practical session. (Another very good reason why you do really need to view them all!).

Will the online live modules be happening in working hours or evenings?
This will depend entirely on demand. We aim to be as flexible as possible with the system. When you initially register for the course you will be asked for your preferences, and we will endeavour to match them.

I disagree with something you’ve said in one of the pre-recorded modules!
Good stuff, just make a note of it, this will make for some excellent discussion in the live sessions. We will very much appreciate your input, and if we’ve made a mistake then we’ll be quick to update our teachings. We are all learning all the time, and are always happy to discover new thinking and better ways of doing things.

How often and where will you run the practical sessions?
Dates and locations will be based on demand. The aim will be to have assessors at different locations around the country, to reduce the amount of travelling required.

How many people will there be on a practical assessment session?
Ideally, we need 4 candidates to run a practical assessment session. You will be practicing on each other, and we need enough candidates in order to actually simulate a lesson!

I really need to get my assessment done as quickly as possible. Is it possible to schedule an assessment just for me if I pay extra?
This may be possible, although bear in mind that some students will also be required for you to demonstrate your instructing skills on, so it can never be just a 1:1 thing. However, if we can make it happen we certainly will.

Do I need to bring my own gear to a practical/assessment session?
Entirely up to you. Gear can be provided (usually a small rental fee will apply) or you can bring your own.

What do I need to bring for a practical/assessment session?
You will receive a comprehensive briefing upon registering for the practical/assessment session on exactly what will be happening. Tea/coffee and water is provided, you bring your own lunch, wetsuit if you choose (you WILL get wet!), paddle and board if you want, pen and paper.

I am already a qualified NZSUP / ISA /SNZ SUP Instructor…
If you have already completed your SUP instructor training in NZ and it is still current (ie you completed the course less than 3 years ago) then your qualification is still valid, and you can continue as you are. If your qualification has expired then you simply need to complete the practical/assessment session. You may choose to participate in or view any of the teaching modules on a pay-per-view basis, if you are concerned that any aspects of your knowledge or skills need revision.

I already hold a SUP instruction qualification from an overseas (ie outside NZ) body. How will it work for me to convert?
You will need to attend and pass the practical/assessment session. The information you receive upon registering for this course will detail what you need to know and do in order to pass the practical assessment. If after reading this you decide that you are missing some of the information or skills required and may have trouble completing the assessment session, then you can defer your assessment session date (at no charge) and sign up for the distance learning part of the course. You may choose to participate in or view any of the teaching modules on a pay-per-view basis, if you are concerned that aspects of your knowledge or skills need revision.

I don’t want to sign up for the entire series of distance learning modules, but I would be really interested in participating in/viewing a specific module.
Individual modules can be participated in or viewed for $10 each.

If I decide not to take the practical assessment session, can I get a refund?
This will depend on the circumstances. If pulling out of the practical assessment would mean having to cancel it for others because now there are not enough people to make it happen, then there will be no refund. If someone else can take your place, a refund may be possible.

Any further questions, please contact NZSUP Training on 027 777 1035