Carry Communications!

What will you do if you are out on your paddleboard and you get into difficulties - or you find someone else in difficulties? Can you communicate? It’s an essential part of SUP safety. Last summer there were several high profile rescues of paddlecraft (including paddleboards) where the paddlers had been caught out by a [...]

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Know the conditions, before you go out!

There’s absolutely no excuse for not knowing the weather/water condition before you go paddleboarding - it’s all right there on your phone.  KNOW what strength and direction the wind is going to be. If it’s blowing offshore and strengthening, maybe consider paddling somewhere else (or not at all!). KNOW if there's any significant change in [...]

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Can we go paddleboarding in Level 4 Lockdown?

The government has said that exercise is permissible, and has been acknowledged as an important factor in maintaining physical and mental health through the lockdown phase - so is SUP an acceptable form of exercise? The government has said that exercise is permissible, so is SUP an acceptable form of exercise? Police Commissioner Mike Bush [...]

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NZSUP and Hutchwilco

Beltpack PFDs are a great option for the experienced stand up paddleboarder. However, a lot of the beltpacks currently available are poorly designed or simply too expensive. NZSUP is delighted to announce that they will be working directly with top NZ lifejacket manufacturer Hutchwilco to design the next generation of beltpack PFDs specifically for stand [...]

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Understanding the laws regarding SUP and PFDs

Under NZ Maritime Law,  all stand up paddleboarders are required to carry a buoyancy aid. The only exemptions to this are if the stand up paddleboarder is actively involved in surfing(negotiated  by NZSUP), or in a designated competitive event where the event rules allow PFDs not to be worn (because of safety boat backup etc). [...]

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