The 2017 AGM for NZ SUP Inc will be held at 6pm on Sunday 9 April 2017, at Takapuna Boating Club. All members are welcome to attend. The draft agenda can be downloaded below.

The Committee comprises Chair/President, Secretary, Treasurer and a minimum of 3 others. Any nominations for committee members are to be proposed and seconded in writing and emailed to

Any member can request that a motion be voted on at a meeting by giving written notice and information in support of the motion. If the member’s motion is signed by ≥ 50% of members, the secretary must give the member’s information to all members at least 7 days before the meeting. If it is signed by fewer than 50% of members, the Committee may decide whether or not the Society will vote on the motion.

Any proposal to amend or replace the Rules needs to be signed by ≥ 50%of members and given in writing to the Secretary, with a written explanation of the reasons for the proposal.

A full list of committee nominations will be published closer to the AGM date.

Many thanks for your support

Minutes of NZ SUP Inc AGM 10 July 2016